Pics from 2000

A couple off-the-wall pics after graduation:
Stress Be Gone!

Wacky, crazy pictures from my graduation party:
Anyone up for a quiz?

Some misc pics of friends and family in May of 2000:
May 2K

Pictures of my apartment:
My Pad

Pictures of my neato car:
My Toyota Solara

Mike B., Kelly, and I go to San Francisco (July 4th, 2000):
San Francisco Trip

Mike B., Kelly, and I go to Lake Tahoe (July 9th, 2000):
AWESOME Scenery!

The San Francisco X-Games! (August 19th, 2000):
X-Games with Jason, Dave, Pat, and Chris B.

Visiting Ava in UCLA (Sept. 2nd and 3rd, 2000):
UCLA, Hollywood, and Beverley Hills

Trip to the Reno Air Races and Lake Tahoe (Sept. 16th and 17th, 2000):
My Mom and Dad come out to visit!

My trip visiting friends back home in October 2000:
36 hour marathon weekend trip

Streets of London (Nov. 1st, 2000):
Dart Throwing Madness!

Post-Thanksgiving party (Nov. 25th, 2000):
Bunches of people raid my parents basement