Pics from 2004

New Years, 2004!
Tom and I host a cool party for all our Chicago friends

California Crazy Vacation, 2004 (Tom, Jim, Tony, Dave, and I). Unfortunately at this point I don't have the time to catalog all of these pictures with cool captions. So I'm just plopping them down in a directory for the time being.
Skiing and Yosemite Fun

Tom racing his Ducati in Beloit, WI (5-24-04)
Tom goes faaaast

A few misc pics of my new motorcycle, and Dave's car stereo install (6-1-04).
Mmmmmm.... Motorcycle

Pics from Beth and Craig's wedding (10-31-04). I haven't put captions on these puppies just yet...
The Happy Couple

Pics from my trip to Shanghai, China (Nov 1st - Nov 7th 2004).
I stick out like a pale white thumb

Pics from my trip to Penang, Malaysia (Nov 7th - Nov 15th 2004).
Mmmmm... tropical warm weather