My Photo Album

If you know me well enough, I'm pretty bad at keeping up with adding pics to the site. Feel free to pester me, I might get more motivation to keep up. :)

I'd like to give special thanks to Eric Pop for his excellent slideshow construction script igal. I've used it to generate several of the old picture galleries. I eventually made my own simple photo album script, the results of that are with the more recent albums.

Past years pictures: Trip to CA for Jim Crugnale's wedding.
Jim ties the knot

Trip to CA in September to visit friends.
One year anniversary living away from Sacramento.

Chris and Jack's wedding.
Chris and Jack tie the knot in Naperville.

Halloween and Thanksgiving fun.
Costumes, alcohol, and sillyness.

New Years party, Dec 31st 2007
Tacos, Beer, Liquor, Music... a good party!

Misc pictures from January to March 2008
Birthdays, Auto Shows, and more.

Hey, look, I got married!
Chris and Jen tie the Knot

Lynn and Joseph's wedding
Lynn and Joseph tie the Knot